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FAQ Goroba

1. What is gorontalobaikindonesia.com?

Gorontalobaikindonesia.com is a crowdfunding platform for medical and humanitarian needs and emergencies.

2. What is Crowdfunding?

Literally, “Crowd” means people and “Fund” means donations.

Crowdfunding is a fundraising effort that involves the public.

For example, if we were able to convince 10,000 people to donate Rp 10.000,- each, we would raise Rp 100.000.000,-

3. Who created this platform?

The platform was set up by Yayasan Gorontalo Baik Indonesia. We are a small foundation who based on Gorontalo, Indonesia.

Our mission is to helping and accompanying people who need help.

4. I have another question. Who can I contact for any enquiries?

Here are some ways for you to contact us:

Halo! Kami siap bantu kamu