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How It Works Goroba

How to start a crowdfunding campaign

1. Register an account
2. Fill in and submit the campaign registration form
3. We will carry out the endorsement process
4. Campaign launched
5. Start crowdfunding
6. Receive payouts after campaign ended

How to support campaigners

1. You may donate as minimum as Rp 1.000,-

  1. Open any crowdfunding campaign page
  2. Click the “Donate Now” button
  3. State the amount you want to give
  4. Please include your email address and WhatsApp Number (for issuance of receipts and stay updated on the campaign)
  5. Select payment method
  6. Click the “Next” button
  7. Complete the payment, please transfer including unique number for easy verification
  8. Offer some words of encouragement to campaigners (optional)
  9. The crowdfunding page will update the amount of funds that you have given.

You can spread the crowdfunding campaign to your acquaintances on social media and encourage them to donate according to their capabilities.

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